about Louisiana Steve

Direct from the bayou, a Louisiana man.

Raised in Baton Rouge, ‘Louisiana’ Steve played his first gig when he was 12 years old and went full-time when he was 17. His first instrument was the saxophone but within a year he had also picked up the bass and electric guitar. For Steve, there was no such thing as too much music so he always played in multiple bands and played different instruments in each.

Playing in Louisiana, sax was usually in jazz or soul bands …. guitar tended to be country music and bass was with rock or sometimes country bands. From the beginning Steve played almost every weekend and when he graduated he started playing 5 and 6 nights a week while going to LSU. Initially majoring in engineering, he switched to music composition with sax as his major instrument. While playing guitar in one of his bands after leaving LSU, a drummer named Barry Edgar saw him and hired him to go on the road with him.

That was the start of many years on the road …. playing a week in Chattanooga and then three weeks in Brownsville, TX and then a month in Peoria. And it was during that period when he first came to Daytona Beach where he often plays now.

Even after he stopped traveling, Steve continued to play full time and has never taken more than a few days off ….. sometimes on bass …. sometimes guitar and vocals ….. and always on sax. Because of the different instruments, he learned to play all the different styles equally well and knows the songs that are played in each genre. That’s a great help when he does ‘hired gun’ type gigs because he’s comfortable with any music and very often already knows most of the songs.

In 2012 Steve was honored when he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame as a member of the band Shotgun Leboa and the Livestock Show. Though he was surprised that they would be considered, the large turnout at the reunion and induction show of people that had traveled across the country to see Shotgun Leboa one more time showed that perhaps it was well deserved. One thing for sure ….. people don’t travel from California to Baton Rouge to see a band unless it meant something important to them. He feels very blessed and honored to have been a part of it.

Now he continues to play for his living and has also grown into a full-time vocalist.

Solo work seems to be an ever larger part of his gigging but he still loves working with groups when he can and always gets rave reviews on both.

Steve is as focused on music as when he first started and as soon as he starts playing it’s immediately obvious that his life revolves around his music and he wants his audience to feel that as much as he does. Anyone who loves music should try to catch him when they can. For booking information, please call 225.335.0898.



    Shappers Harp - 1970


    Two Slick - 1990


    Lizards In Paradise


    Lizards In Paradise